Terms and Conditions

Guarantee: Sale cattle are subject to the Standard Breeders Guarantee which basically states bulls are guaranteed to settle your cows if not under 14 months of age and in reasonable health and body condition. A passing grade on a semen test by a competent technician qualifies as a guarantee of breeding soundness. Females are guaranteed to breed or to calve to the stated breeding dates if sold bred. If the buyer is unsatisfied with an animal a refund or replacement will be given following examination by a vet.

Yardage and Delivery: Yearling bulls will be kept and fed for no extra charge until March 1 if desired. This will allow for collection of yearling weights and carcass data. After March 1, yardage will be charged at 2.00/ day. Bulls purchased after Feb. 1 will receive 30 days free yardage and 2.00/ day after 30 days. Keep in mind, however if leaving bulls here, boys will be boys and you run some risk of injury to your animal in a pen of bulls.

Delivery will be free within 100 miles. Over 100 miles will be charged at 1.00/ loaded mile. Example: 150 mile haul = $50.00, 300 mile haul = $200. Down payment and prepayment is appreciated but not required. One thing I've learned from a lifetime in the cattle business is cattle people can usually be trusted.