Herd Bulls

KPH 10Y Homeboy 1643

KPH 10Y Homeboy 1643  P43683767

 B. date 2/27/16 act. b. wt. 85, 205 wt. 666 ratio 105, adj. yrlg. wt. 1213 ratio 111, s.c. 37, frame score 5.5

REA 13.87 ratio 117 REA/CWT 1.18, adj. IMF 2.4 ratio 107

Hometown 10Y son out of a Revolution/ World Class dam. Should add thickness, carcass and maternal. Homozygous polled.


SHF Chlorine W18 C90 ET

SHF CHLORINE W18 C90 ET  P43602849

Born 2-11-2015 act. b. wt. 96, adj. wn. wt. 724, adj. yrlg. wt. 1276

frame 6.2, adj. b. fat .23 ratio 72, adj. REA 15.79 ratio 120 REA/CWT 1.28, adj. IMF 3.87 ratio 103

Our pick of the Sandhill Farms bull sale. Wonder/ Progress with full eye pigment, a big ribeye, good marbling and thickness. Smooth polled, good testicle size. Dam has a terrific production record for performance and carcass. Hetero Polled.

 First calves look real good with moderate birth weights, good eye pigment and extra performance. 4 out of 4 unassisted out of heifers.

 Owned with Sandhill Farms Haviland KS


KPH D 719T Victor 403


KPH D 719T Victor 403   P43480267

Born 2/23/2014 B.Wt. 87, 205 wt. 700 ratio 103, Adj. Yrlg. Wt. 1240 ratio 106, Yrlg. s.c. 36, frame 5.7

Adj. REA 11.48 ratio 100, adj. IMF 2.31 ratio 88

 Rednecked, goggle eyed 719T son out of a terrific young About Time cow.

 Calving ease and extra eye pigment.

 Owned with Greg and Gayle Hilgeman, Oklee MN


KPH 7Z Victor 1478


KPH 7Z Victor 1478   P43480276

Born 3/18/2014 B.WT. 78, 205 wt. 697 ratio 100, adj. yrlg. wt. 1265 ratio 105, yrlg. s.c. 39, frame 6

adj. REA 12.43 ratio 108 adj. IMF 1.91 ratio 73

Super correct 7Z son out of a stout Wrangler 25L cow. Wide topped and thick, full eye pigment.

 Excellent calving ease bull.

Homo Polled

Owned with Kieth Johnson, Hartford SD


KPH Thor 1359

1359th 400

KPH Thor 1359   P43380394

 Born 3/10/2013 B.Wt. 87, 205 wt. 653 ratio 109, Adj. Yrlg. Wt. 1204 ratio 102, yrlg s.c. 40, Frame 5.4

adj. REA 13.29 ratio 96, adj. IMF 3.01 ratio 126

 Thor 4029 son out of a Cracker Jack cow that came from Springwater Polled Herefords

Thick, moderate frame, rednecked, good carcass and scrotal numbers.

 Homo Polled

Owned with JR Kroening Herefords in Fosston MN


KPH 7Z Victor 1424

1424d-sm 1-14

Full sister to 1424

KPH 7Z Victor 1424  P43480303

Born 2/10/2014 BW 86, 205 wt 769 ratio 110 Adj. yrlg 1278 ratio 106 yrlg s.c. 36, frame 6.1

Adj. REA 11.34 ratio 99, Adj. IMF 2.49 ratio 95

7Z son out of a top Marine cow. Full eye pigment, good thickness and growth, excellent testicle size.

 Calving ease, performance and eye pigment.

 Homo Polled

 Owned with Chad Limberg Clear Lake SD




KPH D Postman 201

201c sm

KPH D Postman 201  43285104

born 2/25/2012 act. b.wt. 94 adj. 205 wt. 725 ratio 110 adj. yrlg. wt. 1248 ratio 102 s.c. 37cm

 adj. rea 13.26 ratio 104 rea/cwt 1.10 imf 2.82 ratio 107

wt. at 30 months 2000, frame score 6.5

 Courier son out of the dam of Head of the Class. Great eye pigment, athletic stride and long as a freight train!

KPH Chief of Staff 1217

1217A at 4 yrs.

KPH Chief of Staff 1217  P43293366

 born 2/19/2012 b. wt. 78, 205 wt. 712 ratio 104, 365 wt. 1146 ratio 95, yrlg. scrotal 37 cm., frame 5.9

 ADJ REA 12.67, REA/CWT 1.13, IMF 3.4 ratio 124

 Fully pigmented high marbling Advisor son out of maybe my best Courier cow. Dark colored, excellent scrotal.

 Proven calving ease. Out of four calf crops, 55 calves had a 96.5 birth wt. ratio. 

 12 calves scanned with 112 IMF ratio.

 Homozygous Polled.



JDH Victor719T 7Z

spot sm ii

7Z as a yearling

7Z at 4 yrs.

 JDH Victor 719T 7Z ET  P43269550

 born: 2/3/2012 b. wt. 83 lbs. adj. wn. wt. 726, scrotal cir. 40 cm

 WDA 3.2, Adj. REA 14.24, REA/CWT 1.17  Tremendous EPD spread, +63 M+G, $33 CHB

 Our pick of the Delaney/ Atkins bull sale. Member of the 2013 reserve champion carload at  Denver and the flush that brought in nearly $60,000.. A son of Victor 719T and JDH Ms Yankee 11U. Flushmate to the popular 33Z bull owned by Lorenzen Farms.

Homo Polled, red necked, red legged, fully pigmented, long bodied with a super hindquarter and testicle development.

 Calves are correct,uniform, square butted with good eye pigment.

Terrific calving ease bull without giving up growth. Perfect 18 out of 18 unassisted births on heifers over 4 calf crops.

 Calves have good ribeye size and sons have excellent testicle development. 

 Daughters have great udder type and milk flow. 14 daughters have weaning ratio of 104.

 Semen available.





KPH Juarez 1104

juarez 2014 sm

KPH Juarez 1104 P43189929

born 2-10-2011 b.wt. 83 lbs. weaning wt. 689, ratio 112 yearling wt. 1066 ratio 101

yrlg.. adj. REA 13.23, REA ratio 114, REA/cwt 133, IMF ratio 95, M & G EPD +58, CHB Index $31

Good thickness, low birth, good growth and carcass. Out of a first calf heifer. Homo Polled by pedigree.


Head of the Class 1002

head o sm

 Head of the Class at 4 yrs.

 KPH Head Of The Class 1002  P43092195

Born 2/10/2010 B. wt. 62, 205 wt. 683 ratio 109, 365 wt. 1105 ratio 102, s.c. 37.8, frame 5.2

Adj. REA 12.22 REA/CWT 1.18 IMF ratio 124

Extreme calving ease without giving up growth and thickness. Fully pigmented, conservatively marked, excellent IMF. Calves are attractive and well made.

CE EPD +8, 95.3 bw ratio on 51 calves. M & G EPD +52

Progeny carcass data: 30 hd. 105 IMF ratio, IMF EPD +.24

Ranked number 2 in the 2012 Sire Summary for CEZ$ Index for 2010 and 2011 born bulls. Ranked 14th in the top 200 of all active sires for CEZ$

Daughters are correct,attractive,clean fronted with perfect udder and teat shape and adequate milk.


DaKitch 22R Chosen One 83X

ch 1 9-14

DAKITCH 22R Chosen One 83X P43128602

Purchased at the 2011 National Hereford Sale in Denver CO. Harvie Traveler 69T son. Owned with DaKitch Hereford Farms.

born March 6 2010

Dark red, pigmented and thick. M & G EPD +51

B.W. 78 lbs. REA 14.78  REA/CWT 1.35

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adakitch denver pen ii