Cow Herd

Cowherd Intro

herd-smallOur cowherd traces back mostly to the origins of the herd. We try to stick with bloodlines that are strong in maternal traits.

 Cows are culled hard on udder quality and adequate milk flow. Eye pigment is stressed as well as fertility, docility and sound feet.

 This is a random assortment of pictures that I will try to rotate and update often.

 Video of cowherd July 2014

KPH 7Z Victress 1546

KPH 7Z Victress 1546  P43584745

calved 3/1/15

7Z first calf heifer out of a Head of the Class cow.


KPH Mary 1001

1001m sm

  KPH Mary 1001  P43092503

  birth date 02-07-2010

  Marine daughter, dam of 1424D herd bull.


KPH 7Z Victress 1509

KPH 7Z Victress 1509  P43584129

calved 2/12/15

7Z first calf heifer. Full sister to herd bull 1424D.

Out of 1001M.


KPH Miss Legend 1120

KPH Miss Legend 1120  P43189940

calved 2/23/11

Moderate framed Legend cow

KPH Corina 1014

KPH Corina 1014  P43092197

calved Feb 21, 2010

Nice uddered Courier cow.

KPH Headmistress 1237

KPH Headmistress 1237 P43285081

calved 2/27/12

Head of the Class cow. Daughter of Corina 1014


KPH Classical 1271

1271s sm

KPH Classical 1271  P43285105

born April 01, 2012

First calf daughter of Classic with Chief of Staff calf.

Out of the same cow as Corina 1014.


TH 129X 0220 Exquisite 426B ET

TH 129X 0220 Exquisite 426B  P43469488 

calved Feb. 11, 2014

 Boyd Masterpiece out of the Exquisite cow family purchased from Topp Herefords in their 2016 sale.

TH 92Z 14Z Lagrand 23B

TH 92Z 14Z Lagrand 23B  P43506666 

 Calved Jan. 10, 2014

Playmaker/Jackadiamonds purchased as a first calf heifer from Topp Herefords in their 2016 sale.

KPH 7Z Victress 1471

KPH 7Z Victress 1471  P43480291

calved March 11, 2014

First calf 7Z daughter with a nice calf at side.

SHF Reba 33T Y21

SHF Reba 33T Y21  p43181096

calved Jan. 27, 2011

Loewen 33T out of a Progress daughter purchased from Sandhill Farms in their 2016 sale.

SHF Maggie U38 Y80

SHF Maggie U38 Y80  P43181174

calved Feb. 11, 2011

Vision cow purchased from Sandhill Farms in their 2016 sale

KPH Abby 1106

KPH Abby 1106  P43193718

born 2/15/2011

 Advisor daughter

KPH Corina 0813


  KPH Corina 0813  P42903455

  Courier cow with a really nice udder.

Dam of KPH Mariner 1214

KPH Corina 0248




Regn. No.:  P42276991         

Birth Date:    3/13/2002 

Pictured at 15 years of age. June 2017

 Dam of KPH Chief of Staff 1217



KPH Classy Lass 0926


  KPH Classy Lass 0926 P42996586

  birth date: 3-01-2009

  World Class daughter. Dam of KPH Juarez 1104.

 Daughter of 0248C



KPH Classy Lass 1032

KPH Classy Lass 1032  p43092246 

calved Feb. 28, 2010

 World Class cow out of 0248C.

 Nice, tight udder. Top producer.

KPH Miss Legend 0602


KPH Miss Legend 0602

reg. no. P42700582

birth date 2/10/2006